Quality Control

To operate professionally and efficiently in today’s marketplace requires that a firm be streamlined, organized and systematic. It requires that employees be well trained, and very importantly that customers be included in the feedback loop. This is particularly true when most of the work that you conduct is done off business premises. So, though we don’t like to be an unnecessary nuisance, we do like to get your feedback.

Below are some of the things that we do systematically to ensure a high level of cleaning and maintenance service, and to protect our customer.

Phone Feedback

For each service area, and after work is completed, a set number of all technicians’ customers for each month are called back to verify job satisfaction. But please don’t wait for us. If you were not happy, or if you just want to pass along a comment, call us at 291-1051.


Field Quality Control

Ram has dedicated quality control field staff, who on a daily basis make sure that our service work is flowing smoothly out in the field. And as with phone feedback, all technicians have a quota of job sites that the quality control supervisor must visit each month. If it’s working good for our customers, then it’s working good for us too.group-rounded1

Our Guarantee

A firm price. No hidden costs.
Free, no obligation estimates.
A 100% guarantee of service work.
Cleaning Service day or night, to meet your schedule.
Full insurance against any work related mishap.
No mess or fuss on your premises.
Bonded, trained cleaning service technicians.
Strict adherence to service scheduling and procedures.
Environmentally sound methods and products.

Orientation and Training

Before new technicians go out and provide service to our customers, our customers and our new technicians deserve that they be well trained. Each cleaning or maintenance service area has an orientation and training manual for new employees, where in a classroom setting the service manager can take the time to go over all routines and scenarios a technician is likely to come across in their daily job.  Training also includes videos, DVD, WHMIS and other safety training.

Of course, hands on training is important too. New technicians go out with some of our senior technicians for a set number of days, so that when they are ready to go out on their own, they are confident and comfortable.

And the value of safe driving is no more important than today.  All new employees who are drivers are sent to a professional driving school for a driving assessment and enhancement course.


Ongoing training is accomplished through monthly service meetings, safety meetings, periodic job reviews, and courses through industry recognized institutions such as the AMA, SAIT,  and the Alberta Construction Safety Association.

Profile of a Professional Cleaner

Today’s residential or commercial cleaner has to be a professional – a cleaning technician. Modern fibers, fabrics and materials all have different properties and must be cleaned accordingly. Equipment and cleaning agents are specialized and sophisticated. Being on top of the job takes time and formal training; it is not work for the untrained.

Ram’s professional cleaners routinely take training courses from accredited industry bodies such as the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration. Safe work practices are integrated into daily routine with monthly safety meetings and membership in the Alberta Construction Safety Association.

A professional cleaner looks carefully before cleaning, verifying the best approach and method to be used. Wherever possible soft water and environmentally friendly cleaning agents are used. The waste residue from the cleaning is taken away and disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.

Ram’s bonded cleaning technicians are truly professional. Ongoing training and upgrading are paid for by Ram, and good performance is expected, recognized and rewarded. Ram confidently guarantees their work.

The cleaning and maintenance services that we provide are listed below:

  • area carpet cleaning
  • blind cleaning
  • carpet cleaning
  • carpet repair
  • chimney cleaning
  • drapery cleaning
  • dryer vent cleaning
  • duct cleaning
  • furnace cleaning
  • furniture and upholstery cleaning
  • housecleaning
  • lawn care and maintenance
  • maid service
  • parking lot maintenance and line painting
  • power washing
  • water removal and flood restoration
  • window cleaning

Cleaning and Maintenance Services in Calgary and area since 1967